Accounts Documentation

Nexus Multi Academy Trust is required to publish its annual accounts, please see below the latest accounts information.

Signed Accounts 2017 – Added 21/12/2017

The first scheduled publication period for the Trust ran 1st June 2016 to 31st August 2016.

A copy of the final accounts for this period can be accessed Here


Master Funding Agreement

Nexus Incorporation Document

Supplemental Funding Agreement – Abbey School

Deed of Variation – Nexus MAT/Abbey School

Supplemental Funding Agreement – Hilltop School

Supplemental Funding Agreement – Kelford School

Supplemental Funding Agreement – Pennine View School

Nexus Register of Business & Pecuniary Interests

Nexus Register of Roles in Other Educational Institutions

Nexus Register of Personal Relationships

Statutory returns

Trade union facility time totals 2017_2018