MAT Collaborative School Improvement Framework

The vision for Nexus Multi Academy Trust is to be constantly improving as an organisation; celebrating success and “Learning together; to be the best we can be”. We have a “learning culture” built on the principles of appreciative enquiry, which promotes creativity and innovation in our workforce.

To bring cogency and coherence to our pursuit of ever improving provision, we have published our Collaborative Schools Improvement Framework ( CSIF opens in new window), which details how we will be “relentless in our pursuit of ever improving outcomes for all children”.

Every school in Nexus has its own self-evaluation and school improvement plan, which will provide detailed information of the profile of the school and the improvement priorities which are moving the school forward. A level above this, we have our MAT Dashboard which drives Trust decision making and establish lines of enquiry for further research, development and improvement.

The accepted norm for all schools in Nexus is that provision is at least good, and is constantly moving forward to be better.

At Multi Academy Trust level we have agreed our “Big 3” outcomes which drive our school improvement activity. These are:

  • All our children and young people enjoy their learning and make at least good progress.
  • All our children and young people are responsible citizens who actively contribute to society. 
  • All our academies are continually improving the quality of our provision. 

The Standards Committee of the Trust Board oversees progress made within our CSI Framework, alongside the scrutiny and challenge provided by individual academy Local Governing Bodies.