MAT School Improvement Strategy

The focus of Nexus Multi Academy Trust is to be constantly improving as an organisation; celebrating success and  learning from any mistakes. We have a “learning culture” which promotes creativity and innovation in our workforce.

To bring cogency and coherence to our pursuit of ever improving provision, we have published our Nexus Schools Improvement Strategy (opens in new window), which details how we will be “relentless in our pursuit of ever improving outcomes for all children”.

Every school in Nexus has its own self-evaluation and school improvement plan, which will provide detailed information of the profile of the school and the improvement priorities which are moving the school forward.

The accepted norm for all schools in Nexus is that provision is at least good, and is constantly moving forward to be better.

At Multi Academy Trust level, the “big five” performance priorities we will constantly review and challenge have been determined because we believe they are the 5 performance indicators which give us the clearest  line-of-sight on the quality of teaching and learning in our schools:

  1. All children are making at least expected progress;
  2. More children are making above expected progress year on year;
  3. 100% of teaching is assessed as being at least “Good”;
  4. Pupil attendance is in line with the national average or higher;
  5. All pupils achieve a positive post-school transition.

In developing a provision that is truly astonishing, we believe this cannot be achieved without the following characteristics:

  • Inspirational leadership and management;
  • The highest quality teaching;
  • Safe and happy schools;
  • Partnerships which allow children to achieve beyond the school environment.

As part of our Corporate Governance Development Plan (opens in new window)based on a toolkit developed by the Regional Schools Commissioner in the South-West.

This toolkit allows us to self-assess our maturity in 9 key areas which—once fully realised—should be the indicators of a soundly governed Multi Academy Trust.

To view our most recent Self assessment please click Here (opens in new window)

However, our core business is teaching and learning. Whilst effective corporate governance should be enabling of this, it is not in and of itself what we aspire to achieve. Better outcomes for children and young people is what we are all about.