Nexus Multi Academy Policies and Procedures

All Nexus Multi Academy Trust policies and procedures are divided into 9 categories

  • Safeguarding, Wellbeing, Health & Safety
  • Leadership & Governance
  • Complaints & Whistleblowing
  • Equalities
  • Teaching & Learning
  • School Based
  • Information Governance & Security
  • Finance
  • Pay, Human Resources & Conduct

An A-Z list of all Trust Policies, Documents & Procedures can be accessed here

A-Z List of Nexus Policies & Documents

Should you wish to request a paper copy of any of the public documents please contact our head office either, in person or via the contact page via the Freedom of Information (FOI) address or contact form. This will be provided free of charge.

Please note: FOI requests follow the statutory time frame of 20 working days. Where a Public Interest Test (PIT) is applicable, the requestor will be notified and an additional 20 days may be added at the discretion of the Trust.


Safeguarding, Wellbeing and Health & Safety

Behaviour Policy

DfE Children Missing Education Sept 16

DfE Keeping_children_safe_in_education 2019

DfE Keeping Children Safe in Education Part 1 September 2018

DfE Revised Prevent Duty Guidance 2016

DfE Use of reasonable force advice July 2013

DfE What to do if you re worried a child is being abused March 2015

DfE Working Together to Safeguard Children July 2018

Extended Services Policy

Exclusion Policy

Nexus Health Safety Policy 2019-2020

Responding to Allegations Against Employees Policy

Responding to an Influenza Pandemic Policy

Responding to Bereavement Policy

Safeguarding Policy

Severe Weather Conditions Policy

Uncollected Children Policy

Overarching Looked After Children Policy

Leadership & Governance

Academy of Concern and Sponsored Academy Intervention Policy

DfE Competency Framework for Governance January 2018

DfE Governance_Handbook_2019

DfE School Inspection Handbook Section 5 Sep 19

DfE School_inspection_handbook_-_section_8 Sep 19

LGB Financial & Decision Appeal

Articles of Association Sept 2016

Nexus Business Continuity Plan

Nexus Glossary of Terms

Nexus Governance Handbook

Scheme of Delegation

2019-20 Prospectus

Protocol for responding to a concern about a Member, Director or Governor

Complaints & Whistleblowing

Complaints Policy

Confidential Reporting & Whistleblowing Policy

Dignity at Work Policy

Grievance Policy

Undertaking Workplace Investigations Guidance Procedures



Cultural and Religious Observance Policy

Recruitment & Selection Policy

Single Equalities Policy


Teaching & Learning

Careers Education Policy


School Based

Pupil Attendance Policy

Admission Policies are individual to each school and can be found on the Our Schools Page or the individual school websites


Information Governance & Security

Acceptable User Agreement ICT

CCTV Policy

Confidentiality Sharing Information Policy

Data Protection & GDPR Policy Statement

DfE Information Sharing July 2018

Electronic Communications Policy

Information Governance & FOI Policy

Information Security Incident Reporting Policy

Information Security Policy

Privacy Impact Assessment Policy

Records Management Policy

ICT Write Offs and Disposals Policy


Anti-Fraud Corruption & Bribery Policy

Apprenticeship Levy Policy

Charges & Remissions Policy


Debt Recovery Policy

Delegated Financial Powers Policy

ESFA Academies_Financial_Handbook_2019

Expenses Policy

Register of People with Significant Control

Reserves Policy

Risk Management Policy

Write Offs and Disposals Policy

Pay, Human Resources and Conduct

Flexible Working Policy

Alcohol & Substance Misuse Policy

Annual Leave Policy

Appraisal and Capability Policy

Bereavement Leave

Career Break Policy

DfE School_teachers_pay_and_conditions_2019

Disability Leave Policy

Disciplinary Policy

Dress Code Policy

Employee Code of Conduct

Flexible Retirement Policy

Parental Leave Policy

Pay Policy

Pay Protection Policy

Redundancy & Organisational Change Policy

Shared Parental Leave (inc Maternity & Adoption) Policy

Sickness Absence Policy

Smoking Policy

Special Leave (paid & unpaid)

Stress Management Policy

Workforce Learning Development Policy